What's new in X.ON

  • 1th Feb, 2019
    Automotive mobile app award winning
    Launched the iOS / Android app with features on geo-graphic location base, profile matching, social media, live chat using RDBMS and NoSQL backend under world class cloud platform. Award winning in Hong Kong. Mobile app platform is extending service coverage in Asia, Join us for this great project development opportunity.

    15th Dec, 2018
    Consumer journey revamp for corporate sites
    Few corporate clients appointed XON for the revamp of consumer flow in website, which targeting to enhance the user experience for increasing sales via online and marketing.
    UX / UI and wireframe will be heavily use during the design phase to ensure every steps of the visitor click will be guided by our intented mapping.

    2nd Oct, 2018
    Robot chat online
    Robot chat deployed for automation reply on inquiry, saved client 20% of the labor and increased response time over 60%, also running 24 hours without service stopping. Contact XON for the latest inno tech of robot chat.

    28th Sep, 2018
    A festival promotion sale is one of the biggest sales incomes for tenants. LANDMARK has been provided offline redemption to consumers for years. Each consumer journey and spending record is valuable for mall the analysis campaign revenue.
    X.ON develops CRM system for LANDMARK and its consumers: Instant lucky draw and redemption app for consumer and Data Enchaining System which includes daily report and insight report for LANDMARK.

    26th Jun, 2018
    We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the digital campaign site "fighting with sub-health in 30 days" with Centrum, aiming at educating customers on the importance of Sub-Health. Customers are encouraged not only revisit the site to get prizes everyday, but also creating comics of their own to win grand prizes.
    XON is responsible for the creative layout, mechanism and backend programming.
About the agency
  • X.ON Digital Service helps clients to enotmously engage their consumers, with well planned web flow base on brand's objective. Our specialists acknowledged indifferent digital area would create tailored user experiences across multiple platforms. Taking our advantage of business value (BV) mind-set to bring to you your next great project. With our headquarter in Hong Kong, we also delivered projects to China, Taiwan and Singapore.
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