What's new in X.ON
  • 18th January, 2016
    NGO GOES ONLINE phase 1
    World Vision provides new online donation platform for donors to spread their kindness.
    X.ON sets up a user-friendly online donation platform to cater different users-journey. In order to cater the browsing and online behavior of different users, we provide below solutions:
    Responsive Web Design, multiple touch points with users, 4 steps to complete online donations, custom-made gift card for users and their friends.
    28th December, 2015
    A festival promotion sale is one of the biggest sales incomes for tenants. LANDMARK has been provided offline redemption to consumers for years. Each consumer journey and spending record is valuable for mall the analysis campaign revenue.
    X.ON develops CRM system for LANDMARK and its consumers: Instant lucky draw and redemption app for consumer and Data Enchaining System which includes daily report and insight report for LANDMARK.
    26th March, 2014
    We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the digital campaign site "fighting with sub-health in 30 days" with Centrum, aiming at educating customers on the importance of Sub-Health. Customers are encouraged not only revisit the site to get prizes everyday, but also creating comics of their own to win grand prizes.
    XON is responsible for the creative layout, mechanism and backend programming.
About the agency
  • X.ON Digital Service helps clients to enotmously engage their consumers, with well planned web flow base on brand's objective. Our specialists acknowledged indifferent digital area would create tailored user experiences across multiple platforms. Taking our advantage of business value (BV) mind-set to bring to you your next great project. With our headquarter in Hong Kong, we also delivered projects to China, Taiwan and Singapore.
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